Iris Karlin

"Karlin’s soaring symphony of women’s empowerment and equality could not come a measure too soon. In the wake of Hamas’ unspeakable crimes of sexual violence and the allegations that warnings about October 7th were dismissed by the IDF because they came from an all-female unit, the disastrous consequences of the minimization and dehumanization of women have once again been made excruciatingly clear.

The libretto written by Karlin is a sophisticated, multi-pronged musical paean to female agency in the face of stereotype, shame, and gaslighting male leadership. Her opera’s storytelling, which weaves together many layers of rabbinic tradition, re-animates the figure of Yehudit as a mythical archetype for female power, matched by Karlin’s own vocal agility and passion for the role.

One should also give huge credit to the 40+ member ensemble who mounted this production. I give a lot of credit to the students (busy in their own right), but also to the dedication of the DFSSM faculty and local cantors who participated in the production. It is so clear that these faculty and colleagues have the backs of their students, and it’s a real blessing to watch on stage."

DEC 11, 2023

The First Modern Chazzanut Opera


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Videos from my Recital   -  Highlights of Yehudit